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    OUI’D MASQ weed smell neutralizer

    OUI’D MASQ Large room diffuser. A weed smell neutralizing diffuser for rooms up to 75m2. This Large room diffuser has 5 (!!) OUI'DMASQ, Weed smell neutralizer, no more weed smellatomizers for extra large mist production. Growing weed in your home growing weed chamber demands some precautions. Weed smell can be detected from miles.

    So you want to make sure that nobody has any problems with weed smell. OUI’D MASQ can help you neutralize weed smell. Just pour some OUI’D MASQ REFILL fluid in the tank. This large room diffuser will vaporize the fluid and spread it in the air. Bad smelling weed molecules will be encaptured and neutralized instantly.

    OUI’D MASQ neutralizes weed smell instantly.

    There is nothing that works better then OUI’D MASQ. It will give you the tools to grow your weed in a fresh invironment. OUI’D MASQ has no effect on your weed plants. No residu of any form, nor any greasy plants leaves. No traces of OUI’D MASQ.
    Removing weed smell is not something to be taken lightly. OUI’D MASQ is a well thought out en well tested weed smell neutralizer.

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