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    Growing marijuana or weed in your home growing chamber causes a heavy weed smell. If you don’t care about that weed smell then that’s fine. But when you want to neutralize weed smell then you need some powerfull stuff. So how to neutralize weed smell. Then just try:  WEEDMASQ. WEEDMASQ is the ultimate weed smell neutralizer. WEEDMASQ neutralizes weed smell instantly. No hassle, just turn on your WEEDMASQ growing chamber diffuser with our WEEDMASQ Fluid and the weed smell is goine. It works like a charm. And no more weed smell. WEEDMASQ neutralizes weed smell directly. Our very handy growing chamber diffuser will neutralize weed smell instantly. No more weed smell.

    Mist output:                    300 ml / hour
    Room size:                      Good for rooms up to 20 square meter.
    Tank contents:               4.5 liter

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