WEEDMASQ, the ultimate weed smell neutralizer

WeedMasq aka Oui’D Masq is a small company based in the Netherlands. The land of legal weed use.
WeedMasq searched for  a specific blend of natural resourches and enhancers which neutralize bad
weed smell, amongst other smelly odors. After extensive trials and errors we found the right path to
neutralize weed smell instantly.

Our goal is to serve cannabis users worldwide with a sublime solution to smoke weed and not having to
think about weed smell. It’s not your average odor killer. WEEDMASQ really does make te difference.

It doesn’t just fills the air with dominant odor like most of the normal air refreshers do. WEEDMASQ
honestly encapatures bad smelling weed molecules and therefor neutralizes these (and other bad smelling)

We are looking for serious partners. Throughout the world. Wholesalers, importers, distributors,
shopchains, stock holding agents etc.

Can you find yourself and your company in our goals, then join WEEDMASQ.

The WeedMasq team