Oui’D Masq is a instant neutralizer of weed and canabis smell. Made of only natural products.
Very actively working. Use Oui’D Masq REFILL fluid and pour some in your Oui’D Masq Diffuser.
There are 4 diffusers.

WEEDMASQ SEA BREEZE, Weed smell neutralizer, no more weed smell

Oui’D Masq weed smell neutralizer.

* In-Car diffuser
* Room diffuser
* large room diffuser
* Mist Canon

Use Oui’D Masq REFILL fluid pure. Do not add water. It reduces the effect.
Oui’D Masq works instantly. It wil encaptulate bad smelling weed and cannabis molecules and
neutralizes them. Oui’D Masq weed and cannabis smell neutralizer comes in two sizes:
250 ml refill pouch bag and 1000 ml refill pouch bag.


Oui'D Masq Weed and Cannabis smell neutralizer